Jason B directs “What’s Up, Jack?” at The Treehouse Theatre

What happens when the love of your life decides he’s going to bare all, and read actual excerpts from his high school journal to a room full of your peers? You agree to direct it! Umph. This has been an amazing experience and Anthony and I have both learned so much about each other and about what we think one-man shows could/should be. I can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working so hard on. Hard on. Tomorrow night. 8pm. The Threehouse Theatre in Chelsea. There are a few seats left, so grab a ticket and I’ll see you there.

whatsupjack postcard

Love, whatsupjack back


PS. In other news, I auditioned for a spoof cooking show today, playing a pretentious host who teaches how to make toast. Duh.

Crawfords next week!!

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