Jason B returns to the Fruit!

The Fresh Fruit Festival


Jack G. Hyman‘s hilarious new play

“Making a Scene”

Saturday March 15th at 3pm



Jason B will play:

Peter – a highly regarded member of the Royal Shakespeare Company

Max – a tightly wound (and manly!) American with a touch of melodrama


Jeffrey – the flamboyant director of the play within the play (within the play?)


Hear new work from our community artists. 3-6pm at St. Luke’s in the Field (487 Hudson St.). Admission is free but donations are encouraged.


Three of Britain’s foremost West End actors have consented to perform in a less than stellar American play within a play solely as a favor to the revered (and very elusive) Director, Sir Phillip Baron. Naturally, they fully expect, and are led to believe, that they will be cast in the film version. When they discover, on opening night, that they will NOT be cast in the film, all hell breaks loose on stage as they proceed to exact their revenge by changing the entire structure and meaning of the play DURING the performance. Never mind that this Gala Opening celebration is being attended by the entire British Royal Family and all of the important Fleet Street media.

Jason B takes on Satan in the Fresh Fruit Festival.

“Saint Kristie,” by Douglas E. Huston

Directed by Cas Marino, Produced by Andrew Martin

The Fresh Fruit Festival, New York’s most popular and acclaimed gathering of all-LGBT performance events, will kick off its month-long Wednesday-night series of seated readings in March, entitled “From Vanilla to Tutti-Frutti,” beginning with Douglas E. Huston’s one-act romp “Saint Kristie.” Directed this time around by Cas Marino and produced by Andrew Martin with a brilliant cast, Huston’s play was extremely well-received at the 2007 Orlando Fringe Festival in Florida, and looks forward to its first reading in the Big Apple. Admission is free, and an audience talkback with the playwright will follow the performance.

Featuring Dan Cutter, Kerri Ford, Paula Galloway, Michael Allen Gray, Chris Kelly, Jason B. Schmidt and Michelle Silvani. Andrew Martin will narrate stage directions.