The Golden Gays™ at the Golden Girls Kitchen in NYC!

On Sundays in February and March, the Golden Gays™, the Golden Girls Musical Drag Troupe will perform live at the Golden Girls Kitchen at the South Street Seaport in NYC. Many of the seating have already sold out, and they extended once already, so get your tickets while you can. We do a different set at 10:45 AM, 11:45 AM and 12:45 PM. Be a pal and a confidant and come see us!

Barry was the man I wanted to be the first.

The Golden Gays™ in LAS VEGAS!

Sophia Petrillo has gone missing! Your favorite pals and confidants Dorothy, Blanche, and Rose must travel down the road and back again across America to find her. Could she be at the Rusty Anchor? Or right in their kitchen on Richmond Street? Through a series of hilarious “hot flashbacks”, these hip old grannies take you on a musical journey through The Golden Girls’ most memorable moments to find their Ma! Lucky audience members may even have a chance to make their stage debut with the bosom buddies and become the next #TokenSophia. Live singing! Dancing! Bears! Oh My! Toto, we’re not in Miami anymore, sugar.

Ages 18 years old and up

Doors at 8:30 PM

PARKING INFO: Parking is available underneath Neonopolis from 4th street and Fremont, the ramp is on the right side of the street just past Denny’s. Park on level P2. Once parked, take the parking elevator from the parking garage up to the 3rd floor. Notoriety’s doors are straight ahead once you come off of the elevator. 

Bea’s Holi-Dame Musical to play Somers Point, NJ

The man in the moon is a shiksa!  Calling all Golden Girls fans, Maude maniacs, and those who love tough broads with soft hearts, Bea Arthur is Back!  Jason B. Schmidt, the world’s premier (and only) Bea Arthur impersonator, channels the famed Tony and Emmy Winning star in his deadpan tribute, “Beatrice Arthur:  Holi-Dame”.  In the show, Bea pays homage to all those Jews who wrote Christmas songs.  She’ll tell stories about Fiddler on the RoofMaude, The Golden Girls and she might even sing something from the Lion King.  It’s the Chrismakkuh Musical no one asked for, but everyone can enjoy – even your Aunt Karen.

Jason B. Schmidt is the world’s premier Bea Arthur impersonator and star of The Golden Gay?s? the Golden Girls Musical Drag Troupe.  They have been seen on CNN, ABC, have been talked about in the New York Times and the Associate Press and Headline The Golden Fans at Sea Cruises each year.

Beatrice Arthur: Holi-Dame

Wednesday, December 14, 2022 – 7 PM

Gateway Playhouse (by the bay)

Somers Point, NJ


The Golden Gays are in Indianapolis!

Award-winning The Golden Gays stage show creators Jason B. Schmidt (as The Dorothy) and Gerry Mastrolia (as The Rose) have written a brand new musical game show with the help of fan favorites Christopher Eklund (as The Blanche) and a number of other creative team members, based on the hit television show THE GOLDEN GIRLS. In the world of The Golden Gays™, a musical group that performs worldwide, Sophia Petrillo has left Miami to visit a drag queen bar in Indianapolis, but where? The trio of friends must embark on a journey to find her before it’s too late. Join us for an evening of music and laughter!

Celebrate LGBTQ(IAAPK+2) Pride with Jason B. Schmidt at Gettysburg Pride 2021

It’s Pride Month 2021 and COVID-19 can’t stop our gay pride! The 5th annual LGBTQ Gettysburg Pride event is coming June 4-6, 2021. While there won’t be any indoor events this year, there will be plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. One of these activities includes a performance by everyone’s favorite Golden Girl Bea Arthur a.k.a. Jason B. Schmidt of The Golden Gays. You definitely don’t want to miss it! Continue reading

And Then There’s Maude – Sammy Davis, Jr. LYRICS

If you go searching the internet long enough, you sometimes realize that YOU need to be your own resource. For any other Maude maniacs or Sammy Davis, Jr. fans out there looking for these full lyrics to the Maude theme, HERE YOU GO. And in case you didn’t know, SAMMY DAVIS FREAKING JR did a disco version of this song which literally gives me LIFE. There is a full lp of him doing so with other theme songs which I had to buy from someone in the Netherlands, so you know, I’m the only one who has one. If you want to hear more, sound off in the comments or email me!

Lady Godiva was a freedom rider,

She didn’t care if the whole world looked,

And Joan of Arc with the Lord to guide her,

She was a sister who really cooked,

And Isadora was the first bra-burner,

And Ain’t ya glad she showed up? Oh yeah (Oh yeah!)

And when the country was fallin’ apart,

Betsy Ross got it all sewed up.


 And then there’s Maude,

(And then there’s Maude),

 Then there’s Maude,

(and then there’s Maude),

Then there’s Maude,

(And then there’s Maude),

Then there’s that

E-mancipated, demonstrated, super civil, liberated, right on Maude!

Now, sweet Lysistrata laid it on her fella

‘You stop the war or you sleep alone!’ 

Columbus made it cause of Isabella, 

Went out and practically hawked her throne. 

Annie Oakley was a real straight shooter, 

Man she really knocked ’em dead! (oh yeah)

And Queen Elizabeth, rough as it was 

Kept her cool so she kept her head! 

And then there’s Maude! 

(And then there’s Maude!) whoa!

And then there’s Maude! 

(And then there’s Maude!) 

Lord, And then there’s Maude! 

(And then there’s Maude!) 

Then there’s that

Intimidating, Militant and Independent Declarating M.S. Maude!

Do do do do doot doo (Go ahead Maude)

Do do do do doot doo (do your thing Baby)

Do do do do doot doo

Do do do do doo doo

Do do do do

Do do do do

Do do do do

Do do do do


Isadora was the first bra-burner,

Ain’t ya glad she showed up? (Oh yeah!)

And when the country was fallin’ apart,

Miss Betsy Ross got it all sewed up.


And then there’s Maude,

(And then there’s Maude),

Oh, then there’s Maude,

(And, then there’s Maude),

Thank you, Maude,

(And then there’s Maude),

I mean, that

Emancipated, demonstrated, super civil, liberated, right on Maude!

Beatrice Arthur: Astral Dame to make South Florida debut!

Calling all Golden Girls fans, Maude maniacs, and those who love tough broads with soft hearts, Bea Arthur is back!  Jason B Schmidt, the world’s premiere (and only) Bea Arthur impersonator, channels the famed Tony and Emmy-Winning star in his deadpan tribute, “Beatrice Arthur: Astral Dame.” In the show, Bea is prompted by her celestial stage manager Jimmy Durante to make her way down from the astral plane to the Empire Stage for a STRICTLY limited engagement of her Astral Dame Tour in early May 2021. Expect Bea’s most favorite showtunes, showbiz stories and a few surprises only Ms. Arthur could deliver; it’s sure to be an evening that is out of this world

The show was originally directed by Amy Anders Corcoran, with original musical direction and backing tracks provided by Mason Griffin. The South Florida debut will feature Jason B. Schmidt alongside his bosom buddy (and Golden Gays co-star) Very Gerry Mastrolia.  Additional staging, choreography and digital show coordination by Jason’s husband Anthony Giorgio-Schmidt.

Jason B. Schmidt, a NYC based actor, voice over talent and member of the hilarious drag trio, The Golden Gays NYC, has been impersonating the sardonic and sassy Bea Arthur since 2010. While others have perhaps played a “Dorothy” type, Schmidt is the only one to fully embody the late actress in all facets of her marvelous life. Like Arthur, Schmidt has been described as having “perfect comic timing.” In addition to his extensive Off-Broadway, Off-Off and Regional credits, Jason B. has also traveled the US starring in numerous productions. @Bea_Astral_Dame

The Golden Gays NYC are currently booking their post-Covid “GOLDEN RETURN TOUR” for the 2nd half of 2021 and will headline the Golden Fans at Sea cruise in January 2022. @TheGoldenGaysNYC

Special Guest Very Gerry Mastrolia, hails from North Jersey, where he began entertaining at the age of 3 with Three Stooges routines in his living room. He knew sports weren’t his thing because he was much too fabulous for them. At age 9, Gerry was introduced to the Merry World of Musical theatre. He began professionally working in New York at 18 and was seen on CBS & E! News for his work in the Off-Broadway show, Totally Tubular Time Machine, starring Debbie Gibson. Then, he created and starred in his debut solo cabaret show, Me, Myself & Goldie and Very Gerry, that played famous cabaret clubs like Don’t Tell Mama, Metropolitan Room and Paul Colby’s The Bitter End. Currently working on his new Impersonation show, Legendary Divas, Kiss My Sass, paying homage to the magic of Old Hollywood. More recently, he’s co-founded the award winning, as seen on PBS, Four’s A Crowd Productions, which specialize in comedy shorts, short films and parodies on YouTube and The Golden Gays NYC LLC, a drag tribute to TV’s The Golden Girls that has been growing rapidly and travels the country. Endless love and gratitude to his family, friends and mentors for their love and support. @VeryGerryNYC 

Empire Stage is an artist-driven collective that produces new and existing works for the diverse audiences of Ft. Lauderdale, including the LGBTQ and Senior populations. They are committed to presenting dynamic works originating from both the New York City and South Florida theatrical communities.

For more information: visit

Tickets are $35 (plus fees). 

Wednesday May 5th through Saturday May 8th at 8pm

Sunday May 9th at 5pm

Direct in-person ticket link:

Friday May 7th will be broadcast on Stellar Tickets  for those not in the South Florida area.

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